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Hybrid Model

Cape Christian Academy is offering a new program for the 2020-2021 school year. This Hybrid School Model offers an alternative solution for parents desiring both the gift of time with their children as well as the services of a Christian school. This additional and cost-effective program is our Hybrid School Model, and exists as a partnership between the parent, student and school. Our desire is to preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationship and achieve a high degree of academic excellence.

Key Points:
 ⧫ Kindergarten through 12th grade
 ⧫ 180-day schedule combining the central (at school) and satellite (at home) classrooms.
 ⧫ Instructional activities are directed by the school’s teacher and curriculum.
 ⧫ Students meet two or three days in the central classroom and two or three days in the satellite classroom.
 ⧫ Enrolled students learn through teacher-directed activities with a parent in the satellite classroom (at home) the remainder of the week.

     ⧫ Biblical integration into all classes
     ⧫ Regular chapel and service opportunities
     ⧫ Small class sizes that allow for personalized attention
     ⧫ Hands-on and activity-based science and math curriculum
     ⧫ Comprehensive writing program to develop confident, creative writers
     ⧫ Phonics-based reading program
     ⧫ Specials in music, art, physical education, library, and computer
     ⧫ Instrumental music lessons
     ⧫ Participation in multiple concerts throughout the year
     ⧫ Morning fruit break and lunch recess

For more information or to schedule a family meeting please fill out this form:
Hybrid Information Form